Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Work to Rule!

The laptop has decided to work to rule, which I’m finding quite frustrating.  Approximately every 4-5 minutes it shuts down leaving me with partially completed work.  None of the diagnostic tests have revealed the source of the problem.  I did wonder how many people who have this type of problem either purchase a new pc or take it to the repair shop where they start to prepare you for the financial shock in attempting a repair.  I’ve decided to stick to the “look for the simple things first” rule and removed the back.


In this state it ran for two hours without a problem.  My assumption is the problem is overheating with some type of thermal ‘trip’ turning the machine off before it damages the cpu.  I’m going to need to remove the fan which is the large grey circle in the bottom right of the photo.  I’ll also need to purchase a small aerosol can of compressed air to blow out all the accumulated dust.  Before you leave a comment….. I have checked the fan and it does work!  My guess is the fan assembly is choked with dust and restricting airflow across the cpu.

The offcuts of plywood from the 4x4 cabinet project were just begging to be used so today I made a small box which will be used to store the  4x4 cleaning items.


I partitioned it to allow washing items on one side and polishing the other.  There was an old can of white timber primer in the garage which was useful.  More hunting around revealed another can with a small amount of white gloss topcoat.


The box was carefully made the correct height for standing on to wash and polish the roof of the vehicle.  OK the truth.  The height of the box was dictated by the amount of spare plywood!