Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Tablet is Working

My guess that the LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery in the Samsung Tablet was defective proved to be correct.  A courier arrived at 8am with the $30 replacement battery and I was pleasantly surprised to discover the retailer had included a couple of plastic tools and a miniature screwdriver with the replacement battery.
Replacement battery and tools
The first task was to check the replacement battery was genuine.  I carefully compared the markings on both batteries to ensure they were the same (they were).
Of course this isn’t a 100% accurate way of ensuring you have a genuine battery as the fake batteries can look the same.
The removal and replacement turned out to be quite easy…….. if you happen to have two young eyes and a steady hand. Sad smile  With only one old eye, poor lighting and shaky hands it took me twice as long. 
The first step was to remove the ribbon cables (left and right RED arrows in the photo below).  This is achieved by peeling off the sticky tape over the top of the connection and then prying up the grey bar with the supplied plastic tool.  The ribbon cables then pull free. 
Next remove the four very small retaining screws with the supplied screwdriver (PURPLE arrows).  Don’t drop them because they are tiny!
Carefully pry the battery out from the side opposite the battery terminal connection. Remove the piece of sticky tape over the battery connection.  Lift the battery out holding it at 45 degrees to the battery terminal and then apply upward pressure.  The white terminal plug should pop off the pins.
{The photo below is very large}
tablet1 Follow the above steps in reverse order to install the replacement battery.  I suggest you check the tablet will start before inserting the screws as I discovered one of the ribbon cables when I did this. 
Once I was satisfied the battery and tablet were OK I screwed the battery in place and clipped the back panel back on.   Job done!
Now if you have an iPad and the battery dies……. Throw it in the bin and buy a Samsung! Smile

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Ade said...

Never Tom £32.00 for an Apple out of warranty repair post paid both ways posted lunch Tuesday three update emails after receiving it.
Text Wednesday evening to say will be delivered between 12.13 & 13.13 Thursday and another mid morning Thursday delivered 12.28 remarkable.
But not the same satisfaction as doing a repair yourself. Congrats on yours.