Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Teaching myself another skill

I’ve decided to teach myself how to lay carpet.  Of course I don’t want something simple like a floor as my first project.  I’m going to cover the 4x4 cabinets with the two slides.  Obviously this requires some carpet and off I went to the Bunnings Hardware to purchase 4.5 metres of boat carpet.  They didn’t have any in stock!  This meant driving further only to find that outlet didn’t have any either.  Nor did the 3rd store!  Finally I got lucky at the 4th Bunnings where I parted company with more of our hard earned readies. 

Once back home I did some planning (unusual for me) on the technique I would adopt before carefully placing the carpet on the cabinets holding it in place with clamps.


Once I was satisfied with the position of the carpet I commenced gluing it one panel at a time allowing the glue to go off between panels.


I now have the top and both side panels covered with carpet.  The back will be completed later today, provided I have sufficient glue.  Then all the fiddly parts have to be done.  I’ve already decided carpet laying isn’t going to be one of my strengths!

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