Friday, 2 February 2018

One completed and a start on the next

A visit to Bunnings this morning for a small aerosol can of metal primer paint so I could paint the bracket I’ve made for the secondary fuel filter.  A coat of primer before lunch and a top coat mid afternoon allowed me to install it later in the day.


The holes lined up and I’m very pleased to report this additional bracket has stopped the original mounting from vibrating.


The 3rd row of seats in the 4x4 were removed whilst the paint was drying.  This has dropped the floor level in the back providing more storage capacity.  I used the original seat mount points and bolts to fit some hardwood packing blocks before installing some lateral hardwood planks.


The tops of the planks are level however I need to raise the new plywood floor panel by 14mm to make it level with the lip of the rear door.

I’m going to make a fridge slide on the left side and a sliding drawer on the right.  There will be a full width shelf above.  The cabinets will be made

from 12mm plywood covered in marine carpet to match the existing d├ęcor.

Do you recognise the 12V fridge/freezer that I’m going to use?


It’s the one we had on Waiouru!


Alf said...

Bunnings are about to be seen in the UK as they have bought out the Homebase name & shops.

Tom and Jan said...

Better get along there and buy you sausage Alf! :-)