Monday, 19 February 2018

No carpet

We visited two hardware stores today and were disappointed when both were out of stock of the carpet I wanted for the 4x4 cabinets I’ve been making.  Fortunately the staff at the second store were able to advise us the location of a store with plenty of cheap black marine grade carpet.  That will be a task for tomorrow.

Some progress has been made with the second carcass being assembled.


Some timber needed to be removed from one side and baseplate as part of the strategy to reduce weight and improve ventilation for the fridge.


I tend to ‘over engineer’ everything and the drawer was no exception.  It’s large and might hold quite a bit of weight which meant extensive gluing and screwing.


All the exposed timber surfaces were either painted black or given a coat of Maple varnish before the final assembly took place.


Covering the exterior with the carpet will be the final task before it’s installed in the back of the vehicle.

I need to make two small metal brackets which will be the anchor points for the fridge rear securing straps.

I also did some thinking about the fridge power cable.  It needs to be kept up high otherwise it might foul the metal drawer slide.  It also seemed a good idea to connect both the 12V DC and 240V AC cables to the fridge.  This means we can probably plug the fridge into the house 240V when the vehicle is in the garage.  So I connected both plugs and then carefully cable tied the cords to the rear of the fridge.


Hopefully I can make a start on the carpet tomorrow!


Dave said...

Hi Tom
You probably want something like the cable management arms that are on some server racks. Easy to make your own with a hinge or two and some timber.

It keeps the cable out of the way so it can't be trapped.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Dave

I have considered that idea but space is very tight at the side and on top so a cable management arm is probably going to be a last resort option. I think I'll get away without needing one. [I hope]