Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Moses didn’t have this problem

The fridge and drawer slide project for the rear of the 4x4 has been making steady progress.  All the pieces have been cut out but they won’t be assembled until the slides are delivered sometime in the next week.  A test fit has been undertaken to ensure the base of each cabinet is stable.


The right side doesn’t extend to the vertical wall of the vehicle because access is needed for the jack which is stowed inside the wall.  I’ll have to think of another use for this area.

Meanwhile I’ve experienced a problem Moses didn’t have.  None of his tablets malfunctioned but my Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 inch tablet died during the night.  I’d left it on charge and in the morning it wouldn’t turn on.  A couple of tests confirmed the problem wasn’t the charger or lead so I removed the back to check the connections to the battery.


I did this by slipping a thumbnail between the chrome edge and the plastic back and then used a credit card to carefully “pop” the clips around the perimeter.  Two ribbon cables cross over the battery with the battery connection in the middle.  After checking the terminal connections I came to the conclusion the lithium battery has died.  This should have been anticipated as the recharging has been sporadic.

today I bought a replacement battery on Ebay for $29.99 which should arrive by 12 Feb.  It appears replacing a Samsung tablet battery is a reasonably easy task.  Those Apple iPads’ <yuk> are a completely different story.  The iPad has to almost be totally dismantled to get at the battery.  One suspects Apple isn’t interested in extending the life of their product and would rather the owner purchased a new one.

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Catherine VK4GH said...

We never leave our devices charging overnight or when we go out, especially living on a boat. The 12 volt chargers have a higher than should be failure rate, and the 240 are not much different. We have a first hand account of each failing in spectacular fashion. We also have the same tablet, so good information about changing the battery.