Sunday, 11 February 2018

More progress with the 4x4 modifications

The 12V power connection for the fridge has been installed.  From what I’d viewed online most owners of the Isuzu MU-X install their additional 12V sockets in the small recess located on the left of the tailgate (Arrow ‘A’ below)


This left me wondering how they gained access to the reverse side of this panel.  Eventually I realised access could be obtained by removing the plastic trim cap on the armrest (Arrow B).  However by now I was having second thoughts about drilling holes in the plastic trim.  Then I had a revelation.   The fridge and drawers will be on a false floor and I could install the plug and wiring under this floor.  So I decided to install the Anderson Plug on the left below floor level (Arrow C).

The 12V cable would be clipped to the side of the timber bearer and down through the floor of the vehicle.  I’d already decided NOT to use the 12V cigarette style socket installed by the manufacturer (above Arrow A in the photo) as I was concerned it might be possible for the fridge to accidentally flatten the vehicle starter battery (don’t ask how I know this can happen!).  The 12V supply for the fridge will come from the secondary side of the Voltage Sensitive Relay in the engine compartment which will prevent the fridge from discharging the starter battery.  Actually I decided to connect the fridge cable to the trailer main supply cable.

I needed to drill a suitably sized hole in the floor of the vehicle using the ‘Step Drill Bit’ (thank you Aldi UK).  The hole was then masked and sprayed with primer before clipping the cable to the timber.  I’ve also fitted a rubber grommet to ensure there is a waterproof seal.



It was then a case of getting onto my back and wriggling under the rear of the vehicle to make the soldered connections to the main trailer feed cable. 

The project has come to a temporary halt whilst waiting for the drawer slides to be delivered.

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