Friday, 9 February 2018


The brother-in-law has made it clear he is no longer willing to come around and mower our lawns.  It’s a rather despicable act forcing a retired old man (ie me!) into performing manual labour.  My one piece of revenge is to use a rotary mower.  He’s a lawn fanatic and uses a reel mower with integral roller.  He also uses a strimmer (line trimmer) and edge trimmer.

It was with a heavy heart that today I took my ‘flexible friend’ to Bunnings where my ‘friend’ went on a crash diet.  We are now the owners of a Ryobi 4-stroke rotary mower and a Makita 4-stroke line trimmer.


I prefer a 4-stroke engine over 2-stroke and selected these two after considerable research.  I’ll make a start on my “veg pledge” tomorrow.  Meanwhile my flexible friend is sulking in the bedroom and refuses to have anything further to do with me!

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Ade said...

Like your style Tom can’t beat a motor, leads never and I don’t feel the battery stuff is good enough yet. The batteries also have a life and go down hill and need replacement. Petrol will still be on its 1st plug when the battery stuff needs something IMHO.