Friday, 23 February 2018

Carpet Laying and the Camper Trailer

The application of the carpet to the cabinets is almost complete.  One final piece of gluing and cutting to shape will finish it. 


I made a mistake erred in my judgement when I ran out of carpet adhesive and tried using PVA wood glue as a substitute.  The PVA seeped through the carpet and left a white stain <damn!>.  I was then  forced to purchase another litre of carpet glue.  The front of the drawer is also complete awaiting the glue to set in the grab slot.


With a little luck it will be fitted into the 4x4 tomorrow.

The requirements for the outback camper trailer are firming up.  There are many large campers on the market.  However I’m not looking for something a family might take to the beach and stay a fortnight.  I want something small and rugged which is 95% dust proof.  Thus far I’ve identified two potential trailers.  Both are manufactured in China and assembled in Australia.  The first is the PMX Jardine SE.


It has independent suspension, an 80 litre water tank, tailgate kitchen.  Storage is accessed either through the tailgate or by lifting the top.

The second trailer is the Stoney Creek Nugget.


This has three side lockers each side with  a rear fridge slide.  It also has independent suspension and a 100 litre water tank.  The Nugget also comes with two leisure batteries and a BMS. 


Lifting the top on the Jardine to gain access to the interior is an issue.  Also, the Engel fridge won’t fit in the Jardine.  However it’s almost half the price of the Nugget.

The Nugget is expensive and there is nowhere to store long items such as folding chairs and a table. 

I’m leaning towards the Jardine


Dave said...

Given your diy skills, could you buy a chassis kit and add a body to your own design. Build it out of aluminium composite or anything else suitable.

Tom and Jan said...

Hahaha.... I probably only have max 20 years left in this life so not enough time! Besides, there are other projects on the list 😆