Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Quitter

Yes, I’m a quitter!  The temperature was over 30C today and tomorrow will be even higher.  After four hours under the steel shelter roof I lost the enthusiasm to continue with the 4x4 cabinet project.

The two pair of drawer slides were delivered by a courier yesterday which allowed me to make a start on the fridge cabinet.  The drawer slides are lockable in both the open and closed positions.  My plan is to cover the exposed parts of the cabinets with black marine grade carpet and today I sprayed the interior of the cabinet with black paint. It’s not going to be covered in carpet, but I didn’t want any bare plywood showing.


Before painting

Obviously a fridge removes heat from the contents which means hot air being expelled by the fridge.  Therefore I need to think about ventilation.  I need access for a cold airflow at the bottom of the cabinet and room for rising hot air to escape at the top.  I’ve cut a couple of large opening in the base of cabinet to allow cold air to enter the bottom of the cabinet.  I then drilled three rows of holes in the plywood base of the drawer slide beneath the fridge compressor compartment.  At this stage I’m not going to drill holes in the top of the cabinet because I want it as a solid parcel shelf.  Instead I decided to cut large rectangular holes in the side of the cabinet.  This side will butt up against the adjacent drawer cabinet.  I’ll cut corresponding holes in the drawer cabinet which will (hopefully) allow the fridge hot air to escape into the drawer cabinet.  If that doesn’t work I might install a 12V computer fan on the side of the fridge cabinet.


Interior painted black.  You might just be able to see the three rows of holes in the fridge slide floor. 


Fridge test fit


The slide appears to be OK.  There is a small compartment between the rear of the fridge and the back of the cabinet which I’m thinking of using as a storage compartment for some of the 4x4 emergency equipment (towrope, cargo net, jumper leads, hazard light, etc)

We ran out of beer a fortnight ago forcing me to drink the horrible tasting ‘stuff’ that comes out of the kitchen tap. Sad smile

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