Sunday, 28 January 2018

Lazy Sod

I’ve really taken my eye off the ball…. five days without a post!  It’s not as if nothing has been happening.

I’ve made up those test leads and already used a few testing the wiring in the Isuzu.


A courier delivered the filters for the Dyson which I fitted the same day.  It seems to be breathing easier and has more suction.

I had just started to write about the secondary fuel filter for the 4x4 when I realised I’d already written about the special purchase price.  Obviously there was a missing blog post.  After checking Live Writer I discovered my last post hadn’t been published?  I’m not as lazy as I first thought…….. It’s just my memory that’s failing Smile

Well that fuel filter kit was delivered yesterday and despite the heat, I decided to install it.  That was probably a mistake I erred in my judgement on this as the heat really started to get to me.  My first car (a 1967 Vauxhall Viva) had plenty of room under the bonnet.  However finding space in the Isuzu engine compartment is like looking for rocking horse droppings.

Eventually I squeezed the stainless steel mounting bracket down beside the starter battery.


I modified the fuel lines and then fitted the Fuel Manager secondary filter.  I’m not satisfied with the 30 micron filter supplied with the kit and will change it at some future date for a 10 micron version. 


I can’t get my hand under the filter (no clearance) to open the water capture drain tap and I certainly couldn’t replace the cartridge with the filter installed.  This means the Fuel Manager will have to be removed each time I need to replace the filter.

Another new project.  I need to make up a “GO BAG” for my outback journeys.  This is a small bag that will hold all the items I might need to survive for 48 hours in the event of an emergency.  The most obvious risk is the vehicle and trailer catching fire.  It’s not unknown for a vehicle to be total destroyed by fire within 10 seconds.  My GO BAG will travel beside me in the vehicle and will be the first thing I’ll grab when bailing out.

A rummage though my old steel trunk has revealed I already own a few GO BAG items.

IMG_2163 From the top left:  Fire extinguisher, a small stove, compass and water bag, nylon cord, aluminium foil blanket, matches, water purification tablets, candles and boot laces.  A face net.  the bag is going to need more items before I’m satisfied. 

My trunk had a few more useful items


Some cooking gear


The trusty folding shovel purchased in the Hawaii military PX back in 1985.  Very useful when nature calls.


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom
We've had trouble uploading from Open Live Writer to Blogger too over the last few days. Various errors (500, 404 and others I can't remember) which now seems to have resolved itself.

I'm glad that we have more space around our inline fuel filter!!


Tom and Jan said...

Mick my space problem is compounded by having fat fingers and poor eyesight. Seen me some cool weather!