Saturday, 6 January 2018

Jealous Male Camels

Male camels can get very jealous and possessive.  Particularly when it comes to the wandering eyes of their harem.  Now the last thing I want to do is have a jealous bull camel thundering into my campsite foaming at the mouth spitting ½ litre of gooey saliva because he has seen me showering in the open in front of his ladies.  So when Aldi advertised they had a cheap collapsible tent that would probably make a suitable shower tent we had to buy one.


It collapses into a disc about 700mm in diameter and when erected the tent floor can be removed.  I’ll make a combination peg/pole on which I can mount a shower rose.

The other newly identified maintenance task is repairing the splits in the top of the Camphorwood lined Teak Chest.  We purchased two whilst living in Singapore back in 1981.  One was given to our daughter for her ‘Glory Box’ and Jan has been using the other to store her linen and clothing.  The smell of the Camphorwood discourages insects.

I made the mistake back in 1982 of using our chest as a TV stand and the heat from the TV dried out the top causing two wide splits in the Teak.  After 35 years I finally decided to do something about the damage, so perhaps this isn’t a new job!.

The first step was to test clamp the top to ensure I could close the cracks.  Having satisfied myself the cracks could be closed, I worked PVA wood glue into the cracks using my finger and a feeler gauge.  Then the top was clamped horizontally and vertically. 


The split used to run from the edge of the top to the red arrow.

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