Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Hours of Sanding

Our beautiful Rimu (NZ native timber) dining table was damaged in storage and I’ve been spending hours repairing it.  The hardest part has been the legs.  These are turned and as a result have to be hand sanded back to bare timber.

I made a small stand to hold the legs whilst they were varnished.


The leg on the left is awaiting its first coat of varnish and the one on the right a second coat.  Once I’ve completed this table all that’s left in the way of major refurbishment jobs is the underside and legs of the Jarrah BBQ table.

Research into identifying a suitable camper trailer for my planned outback trips continues.  One manufacturer looked very promising until they advised their two retail outlets are on the other side of the continent.  Transport costs would add another 25% to the total purchase cost ($2000+) which probably puts the trailer outside my price range.  I’m now considering purchasing a suitable used camper which I can modify to meet my needs.

Meanwhile Jan has started cross stitching again.  All her cross stitchers were damaged beyond repair whilst in storage but fortunately she kept the original patterns in a sealed plastic container.  Actually she was doubly clever because she had me scan and print a copy of her original patterns when she purchased them so they are in excellent condition.  Of course I’ve done the same thing again scanning and printing them on A3 paper.

There’s no sign of Jan’s new fridge, but then it’s probably coming from the other side of the continent by camel train.  Fortunately it’s not urgently required as we have the use of my sister’s old fridge.  This will become her beer and wine fridge once ours arrives.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing is removing the 3rd row of seats in the 4x4.  This would lower the cargo floor level thus providing more storage capacity.  I could also fit a 12V fridge slide in the back.  This would mean Jan could purchase frozen items secure in the knowledge they won’t start to defrost on the way home.


Davidss said...

"we have the use of my sister’s old fridge. This will become her beer and wine fridge once ours arrives.".

Hmmm - how did 'her beer and wine' get past the proof reader?
Or is this a usbtle way of coming out, that you are changing 'dry January' to 'Dry 2018'?


Tom and Jan said...

'Her' as in my sister. I wouldn't do that to my wife :-)