Wednesday, 31 January 2018

4x4 Insect Screen

After finding Jan’s eyelet pliers in her sewing cabinet I was able to finish and install the insect screen today.

After three failed attempts to install an eyelet in the mesh I realised I had the eyelet in the pliers the wrong way around <duh!>.  So with the eyelets in….


I was able to secure the screen to the front of the 4x4 with cable ties at the bottom and nylon cord at the top.


The rubber foam tape on the reverse side of the screen is in exactly the right place to prevent the fibreglass mesh chaffing on the fake chrome or paintwork.  I’m going to leave the screen on for several weeks and monitor the engine water temperature.

There are now two new projects.  Jan’s sewing cabinet has been damaged in storage and needs repairing.  I’m also thinking of removing the 3rd row of seats in the 4x4.  They will be replaced with a fridge slide and set of drawers.  I suspect the fridge will prove to be quite useful in the back of the vehicle as the frozen food is usually starting to defrost by the time we return from the nearby shops.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I hope you manage to collect enough dead flies to make sure your temperature monitoring exercise is realistic.

Tom and Jan said...

Being covered in flies is the 2nd test Paul! 😃