Friday, 29 December 2017

Fridge, new task and new family member

After a long period of searching fridge designs and then price Jan has selected an LG 620 litre French door fridge as her preferred new home appliance.  This model doesn’t have the “in door” cold water and ice dispenser.  Our last large two door fridge did (a Jennair) and it turned into a bit of a disaster.


As usual, she was also hunting for a discount voucher and free delivery, eventually finding an online supplier $175 cheaper than anyone else.  We now have an 8 – 14 day wait whilst it’s shipped across the country.

Knowing my sister is in the process of having a new kitchen installed I phoned her to advice her of Jan delight in finding a cheap appliance supplier.  I was informed during this conversation that she and her husband were heading to the hospital as their daughter-in-law had given birth to a 4.2kg female earlier in the morning.  Mother and baby are doing well.  It was during this same call we were informed our nephew has given the baby Chinese christian names.  I worked that out when I asked what they had named her and was told “Wee Dnt No”.  Unusual…. but then little Wee appears to be doing well, so who can complain!

Jan has been enthusiastically going through the boxes we had stored in Australia whilst on Waiouru and discovered more “stuff” we’d forgotten we owned.  Along the way we noticed the two cheap chest of drawers we’d purchased a couple of decades ago had started to collapse.  They are only made from cheap particle board and thin “quasi” plywood.  The bottoms were also falling out of the base of the drawers. 

You can see the sag in the top.


The boys have long departed (that was a struggle) so rather than buy new furniture I’ve decided to attempt repairs.  The drawers have been pulled apart and reglued (actually there was no glue in the originals)


I’ve now made a start on the first carcass fitting some dressed 42x19mm pine as strong back rails to the top and base.  This has removed the sagging in the top and base.  I’ll also use some of the surplus 4mm plywood from our new Jarrah bed to brace and square the back.


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