Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Another Job Done

Yesterday I made a start on the refurbishing of the BBQ chairs and swing which are made from tubular steel.  After six years in storage and a decade exposed to the elements the paint had faded and was flaking.  There was also rust underneath the flaking paint. 

The first step was to remove the flaking paint and some of the rust using the small angle grinder and wire wheel (thank you Aldi).  The was followed by the application of rust kill to the affected areas.  The rust kill cured overnight and this morning the frames of the eight chairs and the three seater swing were painted.   I was a lousy painter prior to narrowboat Waiouru but after our time touching up boat paintwork I would classify myself as mediocre.

IMG_2091 I know my painting has improved because there is more paint on the chairs than me!

There are now only two planned maintenance jobs.  The timber formal dining table has been water and heat damage whilst in storage and will have to be refurbished.  I also need to refurbish the legs and underneath of the Jarrah BBQ table. 

Oh, Jan bought a ticket in the major Lotto draw for 30 Dec.  If we wind there will probably be enough money for a narrowboat! Smile

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