Friday, 22 December 2017

Another Anniversary

Monday was our 45th wedding anniversary.  Of course I had to give myself a little pinch just to remind myself how lucky Jan is to have me.  After all I had my pick of the girls and she was the lucky one.  Ladies it just goes to show if you play your cards right you might catch that handsome prince.  People who know me will realise she was attracted to my modesty.  We celebrated by having lunch out; an “all you can eat” salad bar at Sizzlers.  

We’re also thinking of Paul Macey (The Manly Ferry) and hope his operation went well!

Jan has been busy knitting baby blankets.  Not for us….. we just practice these days!  She has knitted a number in various patterns and they look rather good.  I continue to work on the 4x4 ands have now installed the power cable to the trailer, the electric trailer brake controller, dash camera and TPMS.  The latter is giving me a few problems.  I’ve wired it correctly (I hope) but it’s making beeping sounds when I turn the power on.  There’s nothing in the manual about “beeps” so I’ll have to do more research.


TPMS controller box.  The template to the right is for the three way switch panel.  I used the Lidl dremel to cut the hole in the base of the glovebox.


The left switch is for the 2way radio, centre is the TPMS and the right is for a future lightbar which might go on the front grill.

The last three days have been very hot with the air-con struggling to cope.  Christmas Day is going to be 30+     No sign of frost here, let alone ice and snow. Smile

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Ade said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tom and Jan enjoyed following your travels this year up here and down under.