Saturday, 16 December 2017

A change on the way

We’ve had yet more days over 30C.  Even the locals are starting to complain about the weather.  Well that’s about to change as the forecast is for thunder and lightning today and tomorrow.

Yesterday we went back to Tass1 Trees where Jan bought a Peacharine tree.  Her intention was to buy a Nectarine but the lady at the orchard informed the temperature is too high in the suburb where we live.

The hole in the ceiling plasterboard has been repaired and given two coats of paint.  I’ve also sanded down the top of the Jarrah BBQ table and given it five coats of oil.


It now needs to be turned over so I can restore the underside and legs. 

Meanwhile I’ve been making progress on the 4x4.  The dashcam has been installed on the windscreen along with the aerial for the TPMS sensors.  


I’ve identified the brake light sensor wire at the brake pedal and partially finished wiring in the electric brake controller.  The Redarc remote has been fitted into a blank on the dash (far right knob in the photo below) and I installed the controller unit on the parcel shelf under the steering column.  The shelf is as useful for storage as hip pockets on a singlet so it seemed a good spot for things rarely touched.


The brake controller is on the right.  I’ve also fitted a small fuse box (left) for the accessories being supplied from the VSR.


Meanwhile Jan has been playing with her organ.  It quite amazing the noises she can make when running her fingers across it.  Actually Jan was slightly concerned when she noticed white spots on it (the organ).  Then she realised it was from the plaster off the ceiling that I’d sanded the previous day.


Pip and Mick said...

Yes, we definitely need rain in Perth. All day for the next two days please!!


Tom and Jan said...


Rain was a day late and not much of it!