Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Great news, the test run on the BBQ was a success.  On average I produce a good end product.  This means they are either raw or burned to a cinder (so on average OK).  We cooked a quarter side of lamb and to my surprise it was delicious.

The butcher had marinated it in what was described as and ‘Argentinian Sauce’.
I managed to tape the A3 sheets together and get an idea of the potential size of the bedhead carving.

In the photo below you may be able to see where I have erased parts of lines in an effort to avoid the template falling into pieces when I router out the lines.

The Bad

Halfie will be surprised to read I’ve joined BCF and now have my bright blue membership card.  Interestingly, they want money!

We’ve had a couple of noisy teenagers hanging around the neighbourhood.  It’s obvious they are teenagers as they keep choosing an inappropriate tree on which to perch.  Although it’s possible they might be looking for internet cables to munch on.

there isn't anything much much noisier than a couple of courting Galahs.

The Ugly

Yesterday Gary the postman delivered the recessed handles for the bed drawers and today I started making the template. 

The recess in the timber has to be larger than the handle to allow for the thickness of the collar around the router bit. 

Attempt 1 – Failure

Attempt 2 – Failure

Attempts 3,4 and 5 – Failure

Attempt 6 – Success

Now set up ready to commence routering out the recess for the first Jarrah drawer handle.
However after six hours of failures I’m taking a break and will probably continue tomorrow.


Ade said...

Hi Tom, surprised to see the headboard design is not of Waiouru, a while since I have seen a photo but sure she was all port holes?

Tom and Jan said...

Ade I'm no artist and Waiouru looked too hard to sketch. 😂