Thursday, 2 November 2017

The 4x4 and the Baby Blanket

Much of the day was spent underneath the 4x4 hiding from Jan.   This was to be the day I ran the main camper trailer electric cable from the engine compartment to the towbar.  The first task was to raise the vehicle sufficiently for me to wriggle underneath.

IMG_1936I put it into LOW four wheel drive and got the front wheels up onto the ramp stands before placing a timber chock behind each wheel.  The latter probably isn’t necessary but I’ve become ultra cautious in my old age (probably because I’m determined to get back all the money I’ve paid into our superannuation fund).

The rear was jacked up using our hydraulic before placing stands under the axle.

IMG_1937There was absolutely no way I was going under the vehicle when all that was holding it up was the jack.  I used the steel rod in the foreground to position the stands under the axle before releasing the pressure in the jack. It was about now I noticed the towbar fitting company had done a sloppy job fitting the bar.  Well the bar is actually secure but rather than fit nuts and bolts to resecure the plastic trim they used cable ties.


Lazy B*ggers!!!   I’ll have to buy some bolts, washers and nuts.

There are no photos of me under the vehicle.  Either the ramps and stands have got lower or I’ve increased in girth!  It was darned tight under there.  Not helped by my poor eyesight and lack of flexibility.  It seemed everything was either too awkward or just out of reach.  After three claustrophobic hours the flexible plastic conduit and cabling was installed and secured with cable ties. However I have a nagging suspicion the draw wire I left in the conduit for the trailer brake cable will be insufficient to pull through the last two cables.  I’ll probably have to do this all again!

Today Gary the postman delivered the cheap router bit from China.


The look OK so I’m hoping they will cut the Jarrah for the bed.

Meanwhile Jan has finished knitting a baby blanket.


She has decided the quality of the knitting isn’t to her usual standard and is going to pull it apart and re-do it.

With the arrival of the router bits I can resume work on the bed.  Hopefully it will be easier than fitting cabling under the 4x4.  


Judith Emery said...

Jan, that's beautiful. Can't see the need to pull it apart. You must be very patient to knit something like that, the wool looks very fine. Well done. Judith nb Serena.

Tom and Jan said...

I don't think you have convinced her Judith!