Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mary Mary quite contrary

She may not be Mary but Jan certainly has a way with plants.  If she isn’t watering or feeding them, they are being gently spoken to.  Consequentially the shrubs and trees are growing faster than the weeds.  Jan planted the cut off head of a tomato that was destined for a sandwich.   Look at the result.


Her Blackcurrant ahs already produced some fruit and the Mulberry isn’t far behind.


I’ve just about done everything I can with the bed project.  It won’t be until the router bits arrive from China that I’ll be able to start of the bed ends and drawer fronts.  I’ve been giving some thought as to how I might router the rails & styles.  Running them lengthwise through the router table won’t be an issue (I hope) as the Triton Table has the necessary bracing to hold the timber securely as it passes the blade.


It’s running the ends of the timber through the router that’s the problem.  There’s no stability and I’ve made a right hash of it in the past.


Don’t do it like this.  The end gets mangled!

I got to thinking about Richard & James at Aldermaston wharf.  They were the two very good joiners.  What would they have done.

I’ve made a new slide from a plywood offcut and then carefully fixed an offcut of Jarrah at right angles.

IMG_1935  The black plywood panel slides in the gap enabling me to run the timber through the router blade at exactly 90°.   Well that’s the theory!

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