Monday, 6 November 2017

Guy Fawkes Night

It was so quiet here last night.  But then fireworks are banned in Australia.  That’s a very sensible idea, given 5 November occurs at the end of Spring and the vegetation is tinder dry. 

I’ve previously noticed this house around the corner from us.  There’s temporary fencing and it appears much of the interior has been gutted by fire.


My sister tells me the wife had become seriously disillusioned with her marriage and set the home ablaze during the night.  He husband was seriously burned rather than killed.  Apparently he’s still in hospital, whilst she is serving at her majesty’s pleasure.  Being a deliberate fire the insurance policy was void!  I suspect it’s going to look like this for quite some time.  I haven’t mentioned the house to Jan in case she gets ideas!

An interesting night sky with the sunset reflecting off the underside of scattered clouds.


The mercury reached 32° today and when we visited ‘Little Somalia’  to restock the pantry.  We decided to use the front windscreen shades for the first time this year.


This is a fairly normal thing to do in Australia as the inside of the car can get so hot that it’s almost unbearable.  I’ve previously burned my hands on the steering wheel and hot vinyl seats can have you bouncing around like a cat on a hot tin roof.  It’s one of the reasons why we fitted sheepskin seat covers.

I managed to get more work done on the bed before the heat drove me inside,

Carol, Jan doesn’t allow the bread mixture to rise inside the bread maker.  The machine is only used to knead the mixture which is transferred to the loaf tin to rise before baking.

Paul,  I also read that article about the Cockatoos' eating the internet fibre optic cables.  My feeling is the National Broadband Network Company are desperate for any excuse to explain the poor performance.  The sad fact is Australia has “missed the boat” when it comes to a national fibre network.  The two major parties bickered so long the system will eventually look like a horse designed by a committee!

Catherine,  The evaporative air-con system is very simple and uses only a small amount of electricity to cool the entire house.  A small water pump passes water over some filters on the roof soaking them.  A larger fan pulls hot air from outside the home through the wet filters and pushes it around the house through ducts..  Some of the water in the filters evaporates as the hot air passes through the filter thus cooling the air.  It’s essential there is at least one open door/window to allow air to escape from the interior.  This type of air-con only works with a hot and dry heat.  It doesn’t work in a humid environment.  

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