Sunday, 12 November 2017

Got that wrong…. oops Erred in my judgement

You may recall I mentioned the house around the corner where the wife tried to kill husband and the rest of the family by setting it on fire.


I also mentioned the insurance was void because the fire was deliberate and nothing would happen for months.

Well I erred in my judgement.  This morning a tracked excavator arrived and started work.


By midday


And at the end of the day


Well it’s all excitement around here.  I did mention the drive-by shooting several months ago.  Well they returned an attempted to set fire to the house with Molotov cocktails and also managed to shoot one of the three male occupants.  The other two male occupants operated the kebarb shop in the local mall.  That was also firebombed and gutted on the same night.


The house taped off and the garage boarded up.

Last night there was a riot two streets away.  I slept through all the excitement (one of the few advantages of being slightly deaf).  Jan knew all about it!   A group of youths had decided to hold a ‘post school’ party which was gate-crashed by several hundred other uninvited “guests”.  The police were there in full riot gear along with horses and dogs attempting to break up the gathering.  Apparently it turned into quite a fight with the youths throwing rock, paving stones and bricks.  I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a British Army sergeant who had served in Northern Ireland. “Rubber Bullets….. I fired rubber bullets when they threw rubber rocks!” 

I guess you have to expect these things in a country founded by convicts! Smile

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