Friday, 3 November 2017


This post is all about the making of the bed end panels.  If that bores you, then sorry.  Oh, you’re also likely to be bored tomorrow!

The arrival of the router bits from China meant I could start on the assembly of the two panels for the end of the bed.  If there was one thing I learned from Richard and James at Aldermaston it was to experiment with waste timber first.


Oops!   glad it was the cheap pine offcuts.




At last!  Smile

The logical thing to do was record the router bit settings and save the two pieces of pine to use as a future template.


The Chinese router bits worked on the pine but I wondered how they would fair with the much harder Jarrah.

I was starting to feel mentally exhausted at this stage and decided to stop working on the bed before I made a mistake.  With time left in the day I decided to make a box to hold the collection of 19mm router bits out of the waste pine and plywood offcuts.


There are two more Chinese bits somewhere in the post so I left room.


Hopefully the box will provide some protection.

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