Monday, 2 October 2017

Working on the drawers

Drawers for the bed of course! 

I hate painting…. Have I previously mentioned….. I HATE PAINTING.  It took a great deal of effort to whip up the enthusiasm to finish varnishing all the bed components.  Two litres of varnish later and the job is (almost) done.  Just a few touch up areas and of course I still have to varnish the exterior Jarrah cladding at some future date.

The technique I have employed to fit the drawers into the bed frame is to place two 42x19mm timber off cuts inside the frame.  These will provide a temporary level surface


I then placed the two steel rulers on top of these levelling blocks.  The rulers are approximately 2mm thick which should provide sufficient clearance for the bottom of the drawer.


The drawer then sits on top of the rulers


I then pulled the drawer forward screwing it to the runner from the front to rear.



I then placed the rulers on the top of the bottom drawer and repeated the process for the upper drawers.  The large centre drawer was the easiest to fit. 

One side now has all the drawers installed


This part of the bed is now too heavy to lift on my own.  Fortunately I have a strong and healthy wife. Smile

I was preparing the other half of the bed when I realised I’d made a monumental stuff-up erred in my judgement assembling one of the drawers.  In the next photo you can see the the right end of the corner join correctly goes over the join concealing it whereas at the other end it butts against the join.  The plywood panel wasn’t supposed to fit into the base if this occurred.  But somehow it did. The effect is this end of the drawer is now 600mm wide instead of 594mm and it won’t fit into the cabinet.


I will have to knock the drawer apart and re-do it.  I can’t make a replacement drawer because I carefully ensured I purchased the exact amount of plywood.  Needless to say I’m not a happy chap!

Today is the AFL (Aussie Football) Grand Final and 99% of the inhabitants of the State (probably most of the country) are glued to their TV sets.  I suspect if I were to use any of my noisy power tools I might get lynched.

Time to do some work on the media server.

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