Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Professional Piano Mover and a canal reminder

Paul of ‘The Manly Ferry’ left a comment asking how many Maori’s would be required to move the new bed frame into the house.  The answer is none.  When I first met Jan she was a professional piano mover and despite now being a great grandmother still has plenty of grunt.  The two halves of the bed frame are now standing vertically in the master bedroom.  We’ve decided not to complete the final frame assembly until the mattress arrives.  Obviously this means the two fat little pink piglets are still squeezed into the 4’6” bed. We can’t simultaneously breath in because one of us is likely to fall out of the bed.

I removed all the bed drawers from the new bed to reduce the weight for the move (well she is a great grandmother) and have taken the opportunity whilst they are out to cut 20mm off the top lip.  This will give me more “wriggle-room’ when fitting the Jarrah drawer fronts.  I’ve also decided to use the damaged Jarrah from the display cabinet on the bed.  It’s only damaged on one side, so that will be the side that will face the interior of the bed where it won’t be seen.  I can then use the ‘good’ Jarrah purchased for the bed as part of the rebuild of the display cabinet.

After some thought, I’ve decided to make a sled for the portable saw.  The sled will make it easier to cross-cut smaller pieces of timber.  I used some of the damaged Jarrah to make a couple of runners for the slots in the top of the saw table.  They had to go through the thicknesser a few times to ensure they were an exact fit.

IMG_1911 The top of the Jarrah isn’t quite flush with the saw top.  This is deliberate as I want a gap under the Jarrah to reduce friction.  The next step was to place spacers under the Jarrah to raise it above the height of the table.  I used steel washers.


The Jarrah went back into the slot and was then proud of the saw top.  Some PVA glue on the Jarrah and then I placed the plywood base of the sled on top.


The grinder is on top to provide some weight whilst the glue sets.  Tomorrow I’ll fit the front and back fence to the sled and the job should be done.  I also need to make a sled for the router table.  That is likely to be slightly more complicated.

The MythTV computer is now working and I can access it remotely using MythWeb (using the pc internet browser).  The following is a screen dump of the MythWeb electronic program guide (EPG).  All five TV capture cards are working and each card has two tuners giving an ability to simultaneously record 10 FreeView channels.


Last night there was a serious reminder of our time on Waiouru.  No boater who has visited Bugsworth Basin could forget the smell when passing the Swizzels Factory and guess what I noticed Jan doing.


Yes, we do miss the canal community and life afloat!  Boater’s blogs are religiously read every day.

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