Monday, 30 October 2017

Plodding along

Jan decided it might be nice if the top drawers under the new bed had a central divider.  You might recall I had cut down some pine to make the headboard mounting.  The bevelled off-cut looked to be just the right size to make divider mounting brackets so I sanded the edges down and did a test fit.
It was my decision not to have the divider flush with the top of the drawer.
I’m rather pleased with the end result
All four top drawers have now been completed and I’ve moved on to the assembly of the two large Jarrah panels that will clad the end of the bed.  I’m using the damaged Jarrah salvaged from the display cabinet.  The damaged Jarrah was cut into strips removing the bulk of the damaged areas.  It was then biscuit joined, glued and clamped.  This task is taking some time as I can only simultaneously clamp a maximum of four pieces.  Hopefully all the joining and gluing will be completed by tomorrow and I’ll then be able to start on smoothing the outer surface.
Ever since we moved into the house the TV picture has been pixelated.  I always try to remember to look for the easy things first and replaced the lead between the wall socket and the TV.  When this didn’t rectify the problem I moved on to the next easiest component.  If a cable breaks then that is likely to occur within 6-8” of an end.  Today we visited Jaycars (Oz version of Maplin) and purchased a new male coaxial plug.  I selected the cheapest, but at $1.74 I almost cried.  We could probably have purchased 10 from China at that price; provided we were prepared to wait a month for delivery!
I cut the old plug off 6” from the end and fitted the new plug.  Pixilation problem solved!
Meanwhile Jan has decided to knit baby blankets.  No… we’re not expecting!  Well if we are I’ll want to know why!

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