Monday, 23 October 2017

More on that bed

Another visit to the waterbed factory shop today.  This time we firmed up our requirement and placed an order.  The mattress will be soft sided with individual water bladders and heater elements.  The difference in price between a single large (king size) bladder with one heater and two bladders with heater elements was so minor as to not bother with the lower cost option.  It will take 1-2 weeks to make the mattress.

Meanwhile I’ve managed to get a 3rd coat of varnish onto the Jarrah cladding.  I also gave some thought as to the mounting of the bedhead.  Jan has decided on a design and we have agreed on the height. 

I’ve opted to make the headboard mounting from radiata pine.  The headboard will be one of the last components so it will need to be fitted after we start using the bed.  I ripped a 45° angle on the pine which will enable the taller headboard posts to slide into the lower mounting.

This next photo shows the concept from the base of the mounting system.


And this next photo is a mock-up of how it will look


I glued and screwed the lower mounting pieces to the end of the bed.


And then cut a number of 45° angles on the lower end of the mounting post.  The idea being this will make it easier to slide them into place when the bed is assembled.


Then it was a case of doing the same to the other half of the bed.

Whilst doing this I noticed a right-angle edge on the Jarrah at the foot of the bed.  This seemed to be a potential hazard for grazing a finger (or two) when making the bed.  The problem was resolved by me using the small router to round the edge.


There isn’t much more I can do on this project until the bed frame is moved into the house. 


Paul and El said...

How many Maoris will be required to move the said bed upstairs lol.

Tom and Jan said...

Kia Ora Paul

Jan's going to move it! She was a professional piano mover before we married :-)