Tuesday, 17 October 2017

More on the bed

The task for today was to make a start cutting the Jarrah for the exterior cladding on the bed.  This timber is EXPENSIVE and I’m trying to take my time in an effort to reduce the possibility of avoidable costs (ie, have to buy more timber).  It’s a case of “measure three times and cut once.

I cut the three horizontal lengths together in an effort to ensure they were all EXACTLY the same length.  The frame consists of a top and bottom rail and a 60mm plate fixed at 90° to the top rail.

Of course (my luck) one of the lengths had a bow in it which meant additional clamping.  I used my large yellow right angle square to ensure everything was correctly aligned. 

The photo below shows the reverse side of the frame which will be concealed when fitted to the bed carcass.


I left this clamped for four hours to allow the glue to set.  It’s actually held together with Kreg screws and glue.  The latter having the greater strength.

Then I ran a length of 40x19mm through the bench saw to produce two 15x19mm lengths.  These then went through the thicknesser to get them down to 12x19mm.  One of these lengths was then glued as a bead to the top of the frame.  The edge of plywood top to the bed will butt against this beading concealing the edge of the plywood.


Tomorrow I’ll make a start on the frame for the other side of the bed.

I’ve decided to make ‘shaker’ style faces for the drawers and the panels at the foot of the bed.

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