Saturday, 21 October 2017

Good News and a project is completed

The good news is the Veritas sharpening guide has done a terrific job on the chisels.  They are so damned sharp I’ve managed to slice open two fingers without even realising I’d done it.  It wasn’t until I noticed the blood on the timber that I realised I was bleeding out.  Fortunately Jan was able to placed two band aids on the affected areas enabling me to return to work.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is working (another project completed). The $1.45 Torx T15 screwdriver arrived from China yesterday which enabled me to remove the final screw and gain access to the clutch.  I was hoping there was nothing wrong with the clutch but as I’d disassembled much of the machine I’d decided to check it anyway.  Well the clutch was OK, so I started reassembling the Dyson.  Fitting the belt over the roller was always going to be a bugger of a task.  There is a special tool for the job but I didn’t want to spend the money for what will (hopefully) be a once only task.  With the help of Jan and two screwdrivers I managed to get the roller under the belt only to realise I’d fitted the wrong end.  By now there was more blood, requiring a replacement band aid.  Jan suggested I leave it until the following day before my temper got the better of me.


The roller is in the wrong way around <grrrrr>

The obvious thing to do was continue working on the bed.  I had a comfort stop in the smallest room in the house; washed my hands; then fitted the Jarrah face to one half of the bed.  I had a nagging itch in my shorts during this time and eventually decided to quit.  Back inside I went to wash my hands and noticed one of the band aids was missing. 

Jan made fish & chips for dinner whilst I sat in my chair scratching.  One beer later nature called and I went back to the little room.  Huummm…. So that’s where the band aid went and why I had an itch!  Smile

This morning I managed to correctly refit the roller and test the Dyson.  It’s working fine.  For the price of a screwdriver and $1.53 for replacement bearing (we now have three spares) the vacuum is OK.  This just reinforces the expression “look for the simple things first”.


It does look a strange colour after six years in storage.

This morning I managed to complete the fitting of the Jarrah cladding to the sides of the bed.  They are screwed from the reverse which has eliminated the need to use plugs.  The Jarrah also received a first coat of satin varnish.





The varnish has bought out the colour in the Jarrah.  When the cheap router bits arrive from China, sometime next month, I’ll start on the drawer fronts.  We might even be sleeping on the bed before that happens.   

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