Friday, 13 October 2017

A growth spurt

Jan baked bread this morning and then called upon the chief tester to undertake quality control.


A hot end crust covered in butter is delicious.

After lunch Postman Gary delivered a small package for me.  Five small roller bearing I’d ordered for the Dyson from China via eBay.  I only require two but it was cheaper to purchase a pack of five from China than two in Australia.  Actually CONSIDERABLY cheaper.


Old at the bottom and new above.  It was only a two minute job to fit them into the end of the roller-beater which now rotates very easily.


I suspect this is the only problem with the Dyson but will wait until the Torx T15 screwdriver arrives from China before checking the clutch.  If that is OK the machine can be reassembled.

Jan was out watering her trees and vines.  The time of year, warm weather, potting mix and water have had a dramatic affect.  Her blackberries have doubled in size.


The Bramley Apple has buds


She has been breaking the ends off shrubs and herbs when out walking and then sticking them into potting mix.


As an experiment, she buried the tops off some sliced tomatoes in potting mix.


The orange tree has lost the petals off one flower leaving the beginnings of our first orange.


Whilst the lemon tree has gone crazy.


Even the Frangipani is showing signs of spring.


Then we had a semi-tropical downpour.


Marilyn McDonald said...

That frangipani looks positively creepy crawly! And Jan's bread looks wonderful.
Cheers, Marilyn

Tom and Jan said...

And it tasted wonderful. Not the frangipani!

Judith Emery said...

I still use Jan's bread recipe but mine never looks as good as that! Enjoing your blog, it's facinating seeing you tackle a different set of projects after following your boaty one's for so long.