Friday, 22 September 2017

Winter returned

The weather has been rather wild during the last 24 hours with unseasonal strong winds and heavy rain.  After reading about local flooding we decided against venturing out, delaying the trip until tomorrow.

The driving rain was coming under the lean-to roof where I’m making our new bed and I had to move the bed frames in an effort to avoid them getting wet.  However the rain didn’t prevent me from continuing with the project and by the end of the day I’d made a further two drawers.  This leaves only the two deep centre drawers to be manufactured and I’ve decided to use the Triton finger joiner to make the drawer corner joints. 

Back inside the house I continued disassembling the Dyson vacuum cleaner until I struck a T15 Torx screw down a deep and narrow shaft.  I don’t have the necessary tool to remove the screw so work came to a halt.  However I did (finally) managed to remove the yellow clutch knob.

20170922_120133 You can see it’s rather mangled.  The problem was I was prying away on the wrong edge thinking the enter yell plastic section had to be removed whereas there were actually two separate components.  Once I realised that the knob came out leaving the other part behind.


You can see the yellow portion of the clutch knob is still in the cleaner and it doesn’t get removed to access the clutch assembly.  Another lesson learned.

After soaking the rusted bearings from the ends of the roller brush in WD40 they remained seized.  Guessing replacements from Dyson would cost a small fortune I went on eBay and sourced five similar sized <I hope> bearing from China for $1.49.  Delivery is early November, but weren’t not in a hurry!

On a more positive note the media server RAID is now working and I’ve started copying our videos to it from the backup external disk drives.  Emby Server has been installed and configured and I’ve even been able to do some test viewing with the Kodi client on the Tablet.  There’s still some way to go with this project.

More to follow…..

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