Monday, 11 September 2017


After five days we can almost see the end of the task to remove all the termite poo.  Jan did another four loads of washing today whilst I cleaned footwear before dismantling the Jarrah cabinet.  All the timber panels were sorted and then cut on the DeWalt portable bench saw.  The latter task was required in order to remove all the damaged areas.  I plan to re-trim the timber and then run it through the thicknesser before biscuit joining the planks back into panels.  I’ve lost some timber during the salvage process which will mean additional Jarrah will be required.

This morning we make yet another visit to Bunnings (local hardware) for saw horses (2) potting mix and Danish Oil.  The latter is for our Rimu (NZ native timber) dining table which is showing signs of heat stress after six years locked in a container.  Oh, and I also need to repair the on/off switch on the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The photo below is for our UK reader.  Most of the larger shopping centres have sunscreen awning over their car parks.  Without them you can burn your hand on the vehicle which will have otherwise been left in the sun.


I seen similar awning in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  But never in the UK! Smile

After collecting our hardware we visited “The Good Guys” which is similar to Currys PC World.  I wandered off to look at the ‘boys toys’ leaving Jan to go to an area she had read about online. 


Most “Good Guys” stores now have a Lakeland section.  I think it was Bruce on nb Sanity Again who mentioned Lakeland.  Jan loves visiting one and perusing the items.  Apparently it has proved to be a very popular area in the store.  We walked away with a pizza tray and two wooden spoons.

There are now so many projects I’ve had to take some time to prioritize them.  The computer desk will be first because that will free up some space.  The drawer slides were delivered by courier today which means I can recommence the bed project.  Obviously the Dyson needs to be repaired and if I can sand and apply two coats of Danish Oil to the dining table we will have even more room.  The media server has gone to the back of the queue!  No rest for the wicked……


Ralph Shephard said...

We have sun screening for parked cars here in the U.K. They are called 'clouds'.

Tom and Jan said...


We sometimes see clouds here and invariably they deliver liquid sunshine!

Peter Berry said...

Lakeland are the sole franchise outlet for the Remoska cooking pan. Only 700watts consumed to cook just about anything, right up to a full roast meal together at the same time and not slowly. After we saw everyone camping in Spain had one we bought ours and not only use it in the camper but also at home. Very versatile. Southern Spain also has sheltered supermarket car parks.

Judith Emery said...

That was very restrained of Jan, I also love Lakeland, the stores are like a magnet I can always find something I didn’t know I needed. Certainly got your work cut out for you, you'll soon need to come over for a canal holiday to relax. XXX

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter

We bought two Remoska's back with us. One for Jan which she regularly uses and the other as a unique (to Oz) wedding present. I have to say the Remoska produces some very tasty food.


Tom and Jan said...

Needs and wants Judith. I'm sure you wanted it rather than needing it! :-)

Ade said...

Never seen car park sunshades before! Been a week almost you must of been up to something!