Wednesday, 20 September 2017


We have been feasting on Jan’s tasty homemade butter.  I’ve discovered it tastes great when you place a slice of fresh bread either side!

She places cling wrap in the container first which means the container simply acts as a mould.
The bed project is moving ahead slowly with me making one drawer daily.  I also did further work on the Dyson DC04  vacuum cleaner eventually discovering how to access the On/OFF switch.  Unfortunately I mangled some of the plastic surround in the process.  If anyone has a Dyson DC04 with a faulty switch then you need to push a very thin flat tipped screwdriver down beside the switch button to release it (see next photo).

It was a slight struggle removing the front roller and an even larger struggle removing the roller shroud.
The small bearings at the ends of the roller have seized so I now have them soaking in WD40 in the hope I can reuse them.  The middle arrow points to the belt that links the roller to the clutch.

The shroud had to be removed to reach the clutch and removing it proved to be rather difficult.  Once that was done I stopped for the day rather than getting impatient a breaking something.  The Dyson is looking decidedly sad!

We’ve been housebound for a few days and decided a break would be nice so we decided to go to Hillarys for lunch.  We last visited Hillarys 24 years ago when it was relatively new.  It’s a complex consisting of a marina, resort apartments, theme park and shops.  The entire area is artificial being built out into the Indian Ocean.

Looking south down the coastline towards Fremantle (Dammit I just hit the publish button by mistake)

To our surprise the car park was rather full.  Where are all these people coming from on a midweek working day?

There’s plenty of money floating in the marina
With apartments and a resort overlooking the boats
We wandered around looking at the menus coming upon the boat brokers moorings in the prime spot.  Average price was about $200,000.

Eventually we decided to eat at ‘The Dome’.  I opted for the Farmhouse Beef Pie with salad and chips whilst Jan chose the chicken. 

The food isn’t worth the effort but we did do better than the elderly gent at the adjacent table.  He left his meal for a couple of minutes and went to top up his glass.  The bold flying rats promptly descended onto his table and despite my waving arms took off with his sandwich and a banana from his fruit salad dessert.  The seagulls here look fat and healthy.  With such a wide selection of food on offer they are also fussy eaters.


Anonymous said...

Glad to read about your adventures back 'Down Under'. We had coffee & cake in The Dome nearly two years ago now while visiting our old, good friend Marilyn. She has lived in Perth for, must be, over 20 years now since leaving the UK!

All the best with your projects.

Chris (nb Wrens-Nest)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Chris

Probably a wise decision to go with the coffee and cake :-) Not much in the way of 'adventures' at this time.... but they will come!

Enjoy your boating

Tom & Jan