Sunday, 24 September 2017

Getting the fingers aligned

Having previously made the decision to attempt to ‘finger join’ the corners of the two large bed drawers I needed to find the Triton Finger Joiner attachment for the Router Table.  It’s not small and finding it didn’t prove to be very difficult.  However finding the router bit proved to be more problematic and then there was the issue of “rust” <eek>.  Plenty of sanding and WD40 solved the rust issue.  It was then a case of scratching the ‘grey matter’ in an effort to remember how the finger joiner actually worked.  Rather than launch myself into cutting the drawer sides I decided to make a small test box.  Seven years ago I would have jumped straight into the task, but watching the joiners at Aldermaston fitting out Waiouru made me realize I should take my time and do test cuts, etc.

The trial proved to be rather satisfactory and I was pleasantly surprised by the minimal ‘tear-out’ with the plywood.


It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia (Queens Birthday Weekend.  The equivalent of a UK Bank Holiday) and I decided not to annoy our neigbours with extensive use of power tools.  Therefore the finger joining of the first large drawer will take place tomorrow.

Six months ago I’d have pulled the pins and cruised somewhere remote to create some noise! Smile

With time on my hands I decided to wash and polish the 4x4.  The washing went OK but from that point it was all downhill with the rain settling in for the day.  Of course Jan blames me for the rain.  Apparently I shouldn’t have washed the vehicle.

The isn’t much I can do with the media server as it is SLOWLY copying the data from the backup disks onto the server RAID.  Another 24 hours should see that completed. 

Looking around I decided to do some work on the 4x4 accessories.  The jigsaw proved very useful in cutting the piece of Perspex my brother gave me.  It then needed to be cleaned using some of that very useful Yorkshire ‘Pink’.  The Perspex will bolt under the lip where the bonnet meets the mudguard immediately behind the left headlight.  I decided the Voltage Sensitive Relay could go on the reverse of the Perspex as it’s an automatic device which will not require access (I hope).  The 125amp 12V circuit breaker will go on the front along with the 12V relay for the future light bar.


The back showing the mounted VSR.


The front with the MCB and relay

At the moment all this is temporary.  When I have the cable leads and crimped lugs made I intend to take everything apart and reinstall it.  When I do this I’ll apply some Sikaflex adhesive to all the bolt threads in an effort to ensure they won’t vibrate loose.  Another trick I learned during the boat fitout.

I don’t have a large cable crimper for the lugs so this project has now come to a temporary halt. 

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