Thursday, 7 September 2017


I can’t believe how much time has passed since the last blog post.  I’m getting slack! <naughty naughty boy>

Yesterday morning I borrowed the brother-in-law’s trailer <again> and went to the local timber merchants where I purchased six sheets of plywood and two sheets of melamine (laminated particle board).  The latter was a last minute decision as I’ve decided to make a corner computer desk to replace the one that has rotted in the container.

during lunch I used Google SketchUp to work out the optimum cut lines in the timber sheeting in an effort to minimise waste.  The afternoon was spent cutting all the plywood sheets for the bed drawers.  I’m using 12mm ply for the sides and 4mm for the base.  I also cut and fitted two pieces of 4mm ply which will act as the longitudinal bracing.

All the cut ply was placed in the relevant compartments to ensure I hadn’t forgotten anything.  I can’t make the drawers until the steel drawer slides arrive.

This is the bed frame standing on one end.


With all the ply cut I started on the melamine.  It had a few chips in the edges but the sheets are slightly oversized which meant I could trim each edge and still have a 2400x1200mm sheet.  The Makita plunge saw and rail guides are proving to be an excellent purchase.  I’m managing to achieve straight edges and no chipping of the laminate surface.


The light was just failing as I completed the final cut.

This morning the container with our possessions arrived from New South Wales (NSW).  The two man crew only took 2.5 hours to unload everything and as we didn’t want them to unpack the boxes they had a relatively easy day.  This is our 23rd move in 45 years of marriage so you’d think we’d cope rather well.  however this has turned out to be our most difficult move.  A combination of age (lack of energy) and boxes in very poor condition meant we didn’t complete the unpacking and by mutual agreement have decided to continue tomorrow. 

Well Jan will continue because I need to take the 4x4 for its initial 3 month service/check!

Time for a shower and bed! <I’m pooped>

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