Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Projects Progress Report

Jan used the repaired bread maker today.  She doesn’t bake the bread in the machine as it leaves a hole in the bottom of the loaf.  Rather, the machine is used to kneed the ingredients which are then transferred to a bread pan and baked in the oven.


The repair appears to have been successful with the machine standing level and not vibrating around on the bench top.

After buying some high temperature bearing grease from the local Supercheap Auto shop I reassembled the first free wheeling hub using an old paintbrush to apply a thin layer of grease to all the components.

The second hub was then stripped down, cleaned and masked ready for painting.


All the exterior surfaces then received two coats of silver enamel paint.


The next step will be to fit them to the front wheels of the 4x4.

The holes have now been drilled in the top of the woodworking assembly table.  The top is a matrix of 20mm and 10mm holes.  20mm steel ‘Dogs’ (dowels) fit into the larger holes and are used to secure pieces of timber which require joining.  If I do this right I should end up with perfectly square corners and exact duplicates of components.

The purpose behind the 10mm holes is to fit an 8mm Tee Nut on the underside of every hole. 

Tee Nuts

Tee Nuts

A 160mm long 8mm dia bolt will screw down from above.  The top of the bolt will have a handle and I’ve made securing brackets from eight old steel joist hangers I found in the garage.


Old brackets to be modified


I used my Aldi angle grinder to modify the brackets


There will be a round knob at the top of the bolt.  The actual bolt will be longer and go through the bench top and screw into the Tee Nut.  The angle bracket will be used to secure timber to the table.  Well that’s the theory!

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