Thursday, 3 August 2017

More rain

The temperature nearly reached zero at dawn yesterday and the locals we met considered it was freezing.  Probably was for Perth.  However we are still sleeping under a summer weight duvet and haven’t turned on any heaters.

Reading boaters blogs today made both of us quite nostalgic looking at photos of Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Liverpool.  This wasn’t helped by Facebook displaying some photos I’d taken of lovely canal scenes during the previous 5 years.  Oh well…. life moves on!

I rummaged around in the 4x4 engine compartment and think I might have found a small space for the Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) and relay for the LED bar.  There is a small gap behind the left headlight.


The VSR would be better located on the other side of the battery, closer to the bulkhead where these is more room.  But vacant space is at a premium so I’m attempting to squeeze everything into the smallest of spaces.

I’m thinking of using the larger cavity on the other side of the battery for a secondary fuel filter.


Some of the fuel available from outback tanks is of questionable quality and I think a secondary fuel filter is probably a good idea.  Fortunately I have small hands which will (hopefully) fit into these confined spaces.

I also need to consider fitting extensions to the differential, transfer case and gearbox breathers.  that’s a total of 4 breather requiring extensions.  Why extend them?  After the vehicle has been running for 30+ minutes the oil in these gets hot and expands.  If the 4x4 then fords a stream the differential/gearbox might be immersed in water and rapidly cool.  This will cause the oil to contract and water could be sucked into the differential/gearbox through the breather.  I plan to extend the breather hoses so they terminate higher.  Probably on the bulkhead in the engine compartment.

Some good news.  Our UK boxes are scheduled to be delivered on Monday.  No longer will we have just one change of clothes! Smile


KevinTOO said...

Tom said "There is a small gap behind the left headlight."

Kevin said "Will there be any room left for you to change the headlight bulb in the dark?"

Tom and Jan said...

If my arm is long enough I can probably reach it through the boot! :-)