Thursday, 10 August 2017

More Rain and Repairs

We’ve been experiencing more rain, thunder and lightening, hail and local flooding.  The local primary school pupils were observed playing outside in the hail.  There must have been 2 centimetres on the ground and I guess it must have been the nearest thing they have seen to snow.  We are fortunate our house is on high ground and so avoided being flooded.  It’s also been cold, but then you would expect that during winter.

I’ve been back to the hardware store for more 240V 3 pin plugs and some Araldite.  I’ve used the latter to repair the bread maker with the broken foot.  It’s a two stage repair and it glued the larger broken portion yesterday.


The second, smaller part was Araldited in this morning.  I used one of the long screws and duct tape to hold the piece in position whilst the Araldite set.  The red arrow marks the small white plastic chip.


Hopefully the Araldite will be sufficiently strong to repair the foot.  If not I’ll make another foot.  I used the remaining mixed Araldite to start the repair of the head phones.

I also replaced another ten 240V 3 pin plugs on appliances and power tools.  They were the cheapest plugs I could find and I’ve discovered it takes some force to assemble them after the wiring is connected.  Consequentially I have sore hands.  There are another five appliances requiring replacement plugs but that job might be left for a couple of days to allow my hands to recover.

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