Tuesday, 1 August 2017

It’s official

Since we arrived back in Perth it has experienced some of the worst weather since the 1970’s.  You can count the days it hasn’t rained on one hand and the weeds are certainly making the most of it!

Yesterday I arrived back from a walk to discover a van parked on front of the house and a man walking around on our lawn with a probe.  The neighbours had reported they could smell gas and it appeared our lawn was the problem area.  Late in the afternoon a large truck (lorry) arrived with a digger and gas leak repair crew.  The beautifully manicured front lawn had a deep trench dug across it before the crew discovered the precise location of the crack in the pvc gas main.  The roots from one of the large gumtrees in the front lawn had pushed the pipe to the point where it had fractured.  I’m guessing the growth in the tree was a consequences of all the recent rain.


Of course our house is at the end of the gas main so no other house was affected when the supply was isolated.  However the crew were cheerful and quick completing the repair by 8.30pm.  We now have a large bare sand patch in the middle of what was a bowling green lawn.

Both my brother & sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law have separately headed to Bali Indonesia for a seven day holiday.  My guess is they wanted to escape the cold and wet weather here.  We’ve been dog sitting for my sister.  Well actually it’s dog lying when it comes to Jan.


Jan is now on first name basis with the postie.  Our eBay purchases are arriving daily and the postie on his electric bike has the job of delivering 90% of them.  the remaining 10% are delivered by contract courier.  Jan’s pan arrived poorly packaged and with a broken handle.


I’ve written to the seller asking them to send a replacement handle which I will fit.  Most of the items for the 4x4 have arrived however I’m still waiting on my tools before I can commence the modifications.

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Weather here is pants too, Tom, so don't feel displeased with your departure!

At least you have another task on the list now to get the lawn back to bowling green standard! It would be dreadful to have you running out of jobs to do ...

Cheers, Marilyn