Friday, 4 August 2017


Readers you will know how concerned I get about protecting my personal data and today I finally had enough of Facebook to take further action.  I rarely post on Facebook and primarily use it to keep track of friends and relatives.  I never click ‘Like’ on shared links or articles knowing Facebook use the data to build a more detailed profile about me.

Years ago; before Facebook tightened up their requirements; I declared my year of birth as 1901 and my status as single.  Consequentially Facebook displays Ads for viagra and meet young Russian ladies looking for love on my main page. 

When I logged into Facebook today I immediately realised they had been “harvesting” the browsing data from Chrome.  I then went into the Chrome setting and deleted all the historical data and blocked the cookies.  That prevented Facebook from access my history.  Consequentially Facebook now refuses to allow me to login until I reactive their access to cookies on my browser.

The ****** don’t defeat me that easily.  I have both Chrome and Firefox on the computer so I’ve configured Firefox to only have Facebook and will only use it to look at Facebook.  All my other internet browsing will be done using Chrome.  That seems to be working!

Actually I’m starting to get annoyed with Chrome and Google.  Google is really starting to concern me.  They appear to be getting very selective about the order in which the results of any search appears.  Moreover they are also “harvesting” my personal data, albeit slightly less intrusively than Facebook.   I may shortly start using DuckDuckGo instead of Google and Opera instead of Chrome.


Daykin said...

My friend who has Gmail says she gets adds for Dog food all the time and anything that has been discussed in her messages :(
I have done a test today so lets see if I get loads of adds about steam trains.

Quaysider said...

oh bummocks... I'm hoping I don't get spammed with a load of ads for 'gimp masks'... if so, I was just testing - honest my lord :-) lol

Tom and Jan said...

Well it's early days but my Facebook strategy appears to be working!