Friday, 11 August 2017

A Day of Mixed Feelings

It’s been a very emotional day for us.  Our lovely Waiouru was sold today and whilst we earnestly hope her new owners love her as much as we did both of us grieve for our loss.  Jan believes the five years we spent on board were some of the best in her life and it’s hard not to agree.  The canal community can best be described as a genuine caring community and we both miss it.
We treasure both our memories and photos and what great times we had!  But there is little point in spending all your time looking back and dwelling on the past.  That’s how you walk into lampposts! Smile
One thing I have done is to change the blog banner to reflect our new direction and future. There are a few things on the ‘bucket list’ and time is starting to get tight.  Shortly I’ll commence the modifications to the 4x4 which I will include in the blog posts.  I’ve also started more detailed research into outback camper trailers.  The cheap trailers don’t meet my criteria and the expensive outback trailers are……… just too expensive.  My latest plan is to complete some major modifications to a basic Chinese manufactured 7x4 trailer thereby keeping the cost down.
This morning I checked the Araldite repairs to the damaged bread maker and everything looked fine.  Reassembling the appliance was considerably easier than disassembling it.  Obviously because I knew how it went back together!  The attempted repairs to the headphones hadn’t gone as well and consequentially I’ve done some further work on them.
There was yet another quick trip to the local hardware store for a further five 3 pin plugs.  these were fitted in the afternoon and completes the changeover from UK to AS plugs.


Jenny and Robin said...

As you say, a change of direction after five wonderful years on Waiouru. We are sure there are many more adventures to come!

Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom and Jan
The day we handed our keys for Lillian over to her new owners was, I think, the day you accepted an offer on Waiouru. A very strange feeling that someone else will be sitting in your chair, moving the tiller and taking your boat to places it's most probably already been, but discovering them again.
Five wonderful years afloat, but so much more to discover on your future adventures. We look forward to hearing all about them.
Pip and Mick NB Oleanna

clive wagstaff said...

I know exactly how you feel tom and jan. I sold my boat on the 23rd july after over 8 years owning it. it was sad getting it ready to go and seeing the new owners off on it who were a very nice couple. time to start a new chapter in both our lives . please keep up your blog as I have been following it since the very beginning and also use the canal blog links on your page. by the way I am clive wagstaff who called on your boat at grove lock earlier this year on a bright sat afternoon and you invited me inside with my girlfriend . it was great to finally meet you both. all the very best to you both

Judith Emery said...

It's difficult to believe it was only 5 years. May the next 5 years be as entertaining as the last. May you both get as much pleasure out of whatever you undertake. But keep on blog writing and keep your followers entertained!
Judith nb Serena

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pip & Mick,

The good thing is we keep refreshing our memories of life on the cut by following yours and other blogs. So please keep blogging 😁

Ade said...

Like the new banner congrats on the sale, hope you didn't have to drop the price too much.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,

I guess I'll now have to explain the photos on the banner!

Ade said...

Left one obvious , I'm guessing Perth Skyline the other two and the castle/keep gawd knows!

Tom and Jan said...

Ade, All will be revealed :-)