Wednesday, 5 July 2017

More rain

Well we have been on the receiving end of some heavy showers.  Coincidentally the internet to the house died which is one reason why there have been no blog posts.  The majority of Perth is built on sand and there is a very limited stormwater system as the sand absorbs much of the runoff.  I suspected water had seeped into some of the in-ground phone line connection boxes degrading the system.  Telstra are only obligated to maintain the old copper system to voice standard and we still have dial tone so I wasn’t expecting any improvement until the ground dried out.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon as the showers have continued.

However I had a pleasant surprise when I turned off the router and disconnected it from the 240V supply for 30 seconds.  We got some of our connection back, hence this post.

Both of us are going stir crazy inside an empty house.  The ship carrying our boxes has arrived in Singapore and is transhipping containers.  The container is scheduled to arrive in Perth on 19 July but we don’t know if it will be carried on the same ship.

Despite the rain we had to get out of the house.  In the morning I went to a computer parts store and purchased the majority of the components I’ll need to assemble my planned media server (on the bucket list).  It’s been a few years since I last assembled a pc so it should keep me occupied for several days getting the hardware to work.  They all the software has to be installed and configured.  My guess is this part will take several weeks as I stumble my way through.


In the afternoon we visited Spotlight where Jan purchased wool and knitting needles to knit another of those blankets that “knit themselves”

Daykin, we were able to sparingly use the small amount of our phone mobile data allowance whilst the ADSL network was inoperative.  But mobile data is expensive so we were eking it out.

Oh…. and there is yet another cat wee orange on the back lawn!

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