Sunday, 2 July 2017

More land and less speed

Further online searching yesterday evening identified another potential block of land currently on the market.  We drove to look at it this afternoon and it wasn’t until we arrived that we realised it’s on a slope.


Photo taken from the opposite side of the street.


The frontage is 23 metres and total area approximately 1800 sq mtrs.  The site has potential.  our thoughts are that if we were to raise the height of the house by building a garage underneath there would be view to the north and east over the tops of the homes on the other side of the street.  There is enough land for Jan to have her swimming pool and small orchard whilst I could have a workshop under the house.  It’s all very preliminary as we have yet to place our home on the market.

If you are wondering why the blog posts are spasmodic I can tell you it’s the internet speed and reliability.  Whilst we have a DSL connection, the speed is woeful with frequent dropouts.  Currently we are running at 28KB/s which is slow dial-up speed.


Unfortunately things are NOT going to improve!  Telstra own the copper POTS (plain old telephone system) and have no interest in improving the situation.  I was hoping for a great connection, but this is Australia where politicians tell the public how wonderful everything is and a percentage of the population actually believe them!

The current government has even managed to screw-up the new fibre NBN (National Broadband Network) by modifying the planned fibre network into a part fibre and part copper system.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the system was obsolete before it’s completed.

Bill, Jan’s chairs might be labelled “lipstick red” but they are actually burgundy.  The cat wee smelling orange tree dropped a further six on the ground during the overnight storm and the Frangipani almost looks like Kojak.   The chainsaw is rising on the shopping list…….

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Daykin said...

Oh those long gone days of slow dial-up speed ! The BT system has the Fibre-to-the-Cabinet then uses the old wires to the house, so you take pot luck how far that run is. We can get 70 mbps on a good day here.
How are they doing with mobile data speeds there. I have seen 65 mbps on the EE network withe the EE+ service. I'm sure people will just use mobile data in some areas. Sounds like you are in the Braunston no signal situation again !