Thursday, 13 July 2017

Let them eat bread

Having a vehicle has given us more freedom to start setting ourselves up in Perth.  The new freezer is significantly larger than the Engel we had on Waiouru (500L –v- 32L).  The obvious plan is to buy in bulk and save money.  We have visited the nearby Beef Shed and bought wholesale meat, the majority of which has gone into the freezer.


The next stop was Mirrabooka Shopping Mall to visit Aldi.  that’s when Jan noticed the temporary shop selling very familiar UK products at fire sale prices.


You might notice the word ‘Australia’ on the tins of mushy peas.  It was a competition and prize was a trip to Australia……. So of course I entered six times! Smile

Aldi was selling an electric food vacuum sealer which will be very useful for food being stored in the freezer.


The next stop was the “All About Bread” store in Wanaroo.  Jan wandered around looking at all the bread mixes and mulled over what she would require in the way of storage containers if she buys bulk flour.  Then we crossed back to Malaga (Australia…. not Spain) where we’d identified there was another food wholesaler. 

The prices at Elite Foods were much cheaper than All About Bread and it’s also closer to home.


Having the Cake Factory next door might be a temptation!

The next stop was ‘Spotlight’ which sells manchester, handicraft components, kitchenware,etc.  you might think we stopped for Jan, but it was me who needed to buy a couple of items.  some Velcro for the media server project and flexible curtain wire for the 4x4 projects.


We returned to find these wretches had taken up residence on our front lawn.  Pretty to look at but they make a racket. 


Why is it that pretty birds screech and songbirds look dull?  The tree in the front yard has shed even more foliage.  I would mind if it was leaves, but this tree casts off large chunks.  It’s starting to look bald on top (like me!)


We noticed nb Chance has been sold.  James and Doug were two of the first narrow boaters we met when we arrived in 2011.  Despite us having more than a few issues at the time we readily accepted their invitation to join them on Chance for a brief cruise.


We will always be grateful for the opportunity to be reminded about the joy in narrow .boating and it reaffirmed our determination to be part of the canal community.

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Spotlight - mmmm! Have spent a fair few dollars in there over the years we were B&Bing!

I am interested in the breadmix idea - I make my own bread and haven't bought a mix as I prefer to buy the individual components and blend them as I want. Do the mixes work out cheaper or is it that are they more convenient?

Have left Birmingham today and thought of you - nothing on the prop all the way. But to be fair we went into Oozells' Loop on Monday and out down Farmer's Bridge today. Now moored up below Curdworth Bottom Lock after lots and lots of locks - peaceful indeed!

Cheers, Marilyn