Saturday, 1 July 2017

It’s Freezing

Jan was in the local supermarket yesterday when she overheard one lady tell another “my husband will be flying to Adelaide and it will be 14°c tomorrow.  My husband will freeze!”  Meanwhile, we are still in our summer clothes.  I guess we will have acclimatized in 12 months.

I became slightly concerned when the container ship transporting our UK effects appeared to be loitering at the bottom end of the Red Sea.  Had they done a deal with the local Somali pirates?  Then I realised the tracking system had stopped.  The MAERSK MC KINNEY MOLLER is due to arrive at Singapore in 3 days and I’ll be interested to see if the international ship tracking system recommences.

We are starting to get some meaningful data from the electrical monitor I fitted at midday on 26 June.


Only 3 days of data for the end of June, at the moment we are averaging approximately 6kWh of electricity daily.

1 July

The graph for the morning of 1 July shows the spikes where the kettle, dishwasher and washing machine started their cycles.


With only half a day of data I suspect the estimated cost for the month might be rather inaccurate.  Currently we appear to be consuming approximately $3 (£1.77) of electricity daily, which is about half the cost of our winter diesel bill on Waiouru.  Of course our electrical consumption is going to increase significantly when both our UK and Aust house packs arrive.   The average Australian home uses 20-25kWh daily ($177-217).  So living on Waiouru meant meant we had a very low energy bill compared to the average Australian household.

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