Sunday, 25 June 2017

Who said retirement was relaxing?

We’ve both been rather busy over the last few days and next week isn’t any better.

Monday – stay at home, parcel is arriving

Tuesday – Take 4x4 to have the towbar fitted

Wednesday – stay at home, chest freezer is arriving

Two days ago we visited the auto store where we purchased vehicle shampoo, clay bar, wet look polish and CRC 808 silicone spray,

On Friday I managed to thoroughly spray the engine compartment with the CRC 808.  It’s supposed to be heat resistant.  The theory is the coating of silicone will make it easier to wash down and clean the compartment.  If that doesn’t work then at least the engine bay looks shiny!


There’s not much room in there for my fat fingers, let alone all the bits & pieces I will need to install for my planned outback trips.

Saturday I pressure washed the car and then used the snow foam attachment.  That was a failure!  The cheap foam gun that came with the pressure washer isn’t up to the task so we will need to buy a better gun.  The foam was then pressure washed off before the vehicle was dried with a micro fibre towel.  It’s the first time I’ve used a micro fibre towel.  In the past I’ve used a chamois.  The towel is much easier!  Wish I’d known that when drying the boat.  We also went out and purchase a large rubber floor mat for the back of the vehicle in the hope it will stop items  sliding around when being transported. 

Sunday (today) I gave the 4x4 two applications of Meguiars ‘Wet Look’ polish.  I must be getting old because every previous car we’ve purchased has always received an initial six coats of polish. Smile

Jan noticed the nearby Auto One store had an end of financial year 50% off on sheepskin seat covers so we drove down and bought a pair for the 4x4.

Jan was also pleased when she noticed in one shop what she thinks is an equivalent to Yorkshire ‘Pink


I failed to mention the cost of petrol.  We needed to fill the hire car before returning it.


Approximately 65ppl.  That’s better than the UK!  Diesel is about the same price……


Daykin said...

Tom you need a PA Foam Lance made in Italy. You order them with the right fitting for your make of power washer.


Daykin said...

oh and

Jenny and Robin said...

I would have thought you would have purchased a diesel for your outback travels. Less to go wrong, better torque for towing, and very economical.


Tom and Jan said...

Now why didn't you tell me before we left and I could have included it in the unaccompanied luggage! 😂

Tom and Jan said...

Robin the petrol was for the rental car. The 4x4 has a 3.0 litre turbo diesel with a wide torque band, 6 forward gears and hi/low ratio.