Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Fruit and the BBQ

Almost every morning I rise and go outside to pick up more of the damned oranges which have fallen off the tree overnight.  I wouldn’t mind if the oranges were a decent size and the inside didn’t smell like cat wee.  As a consequence of the latter they are being thrown in the rubbish.  Yesterday I got heartily sick of the task and used a broom to shake most of the fruit from the tree before collecting all of it.   Well it rained last night and there was also a reasonably strong wind.  Yes, this morning there were more bl**dy oranges on the ground under the tree!  The Frangipani decided to join in on the action and discarded leaves across the back left corner of the lawn.  No doubt the farmers will be happy to see some rain.  Winter is definitely late this year!

Later in the morning we took the new vehicle for a drive down to Morley and called in to the BBQ Galore store.  Our old BBQ had lasted 20 years and was starting to look the worse for wear when we were packing to leave for the UK in 2011.  It didn’t make it on the house pack list so we need a new BBQ.  It’s the end of the financial year on 30 June so now is the time to buy.  BBQ Galore had discounted many of their BBQ’s and we were looking for a bargain.  We couldn’t have done this two days ago because the BBQ box wouldn’t have fitted in the rental car.  Anyway, we bought a four burner stainless steel BBQ with 5th wok burner for approx £150.

It took me a couple of hours to assemble it.


There wouldn’t have been any room for it on Waiouru but it might fit in the cratch of Still Rockin’ where that master BBQer George could have cooked up a storm! Smile


Carol said...

I'm clearing out the cratch as we speak. George

Tom and Jan said...

George pays for the shipping! :-)

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

LOL! This Alaskan was greatly amused by the image of oranges dropping from trees instead of autumn leaves! Your BBQ looks like an enormous altar to some god--let's hope it fulfills all of your food requests with gusto. I am looking into getting a Cobb. the bloke on the boat in front of me has one and we combined efforts for dinner last night. His BBQ grilled pork chops were fab so I think I might get one.

Looking forward to more homespun tales from OZ. Take care of each other,

Love you both,
Jaq xxx