Tuesday, 13 June 2017

His ‘n’ Hers

Yes there has been a gap in the blog posts.  Sorry about that readers, but we’ve been busier than flies at mustering.  The rental car is certainly getting a workout as we flit from store to store either researching or comparing prices.  Jan appears to have selected a fridge (Hisense) and potentially a freezer.  The fridge will be four door (2 x fridge & 2 x freezer) with a white glass front on the doors.  Obviously it is much warmer here and food that ordinarily wouldn’t require refrigeration in the UK must go in the fridge here.

At Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) the fridges were down the back requiring shoppers to pass through the furniture department.  That’s where Jan noticed the His ‘n’ Hers couches.


Electric recliners for the home theatre room.  The centre seat converts into a snack bar with room for the coffee/beer.  Two 240V sockets and two USB ports along with individual LED lights.  This wasn’t on our shopping list….. but might be now!

This afternoon we visited one of the larger residential developments to get an idea on available land.  Jan also wanted to visit the display homes but we couldn’t find them.  Another day!

We arrived back at our accommodation to find Jan’s Seniors Concession Card had arrived.  Mine will probably arrive in another three days.  Tomorrow we plan to visit ‘The Reject Shop’ (Poundland/99P).

I had to phone the bank this morning which turned out to be rather frustrating.  UK call centres are frequently located in India.  Australia locates theirs in the Philippines.  I’m a little deaf and when combined with a poor quality phone line and someone speaking philipish I usually get the conversation wrong.

Hopefully I can get the blog post back onto a regular schedule shortly.

Jaq I think having an open fire on the exterior of a boat is more than a little foolish.  However I am looking forward to using a Kelly Kettle during my outback travels.

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Mike Griffin said...

Those reclining chairs are sooooooo comfortable - we have them, I have to record most TV progs - I start watching them, but I normally fall asleep half way through.
Have fun.