Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I don’t believe it.  This morning I was down on hands and knees weeding the lawns.  Gosh that three leaf clover is tricky!

After numerous emails to the internet provider we finally made some progress right at the end of the day.  When we moved into the house we were informed the phone line was active and given the number.  I used this number when applying for the internet.  Then we discovered the line wasn’t active and needed to apply to Telstra for that to occur.  I was informed this would take two days and when, after four days, I didn’t hear from Telstra I phoned them.  That’s when I discovered they hadn’t actioned the request and I had to reapply.  In the meantime the ISP connected us and sent the first bill.  Three days later Telstra also sent a bill, but didn’t tell us the line had been made active.  Fortunately I noticed the new phone number on their account.  I then sent this information to the internet provider.  Five days later the internet still wasn’t working so I contacted the ISP support desk.  They talked me through all the router settings only to discover I had done everything correctly.  I then reminded the technician about the change in phone number.  He didn’t think it was important!  Yesterday I spent another hour on the phone with the ISP support technician before he gave up telling me I probably had a dud router.  This afternoon I managed to hire a car (another story) and we were able to visit BigW and buy a $20 (cheapest we could find) phone.  Using this I was able to confirm the phone line was active and confirm the number.  Next I contacted the ISP Support Desk and told them what I’d done.  The light finally went on in the technicians head and he told me “We have the wrong phone number in our system!”  That would be the number I gave them four days ago.  So it’s going to take another three days to reconfigure and apply the ISP setting for our connection.

Meanwhile the credit card company has sent a letter demanding I provide proof of income before they will consider my application.  That would be the proof of income I provided and attached to the initial application form.  I know…. I’m feeding strawberries to donkeys.

After not paying rent for his final five weeks the tenant finally vacated our house today leaving it dirty.  He also had the electricity cut off.  We now need to create an account with the electrical company to get the power back on so the cleaners can sort out the house.  The bond money won’t cover all these costs.  Actually knowing how the Rental Tribunal works they will probably return the bond to our ex tenant.  

The foresight on the revolver barrel is scratching a deep groove in the roof of my mouth!

Never mind, things will get better…….. <coz it’s bloody hard for them to get worse!>

The good news is the rental car.  Having transport will enable us to get around and do more shopping. (eg, a second chair for the table will mean we won’t have to eat in shifts) 

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Tom, that's not like you to be a boring conformist! Embrace your weeds! ;)